Forever Family Friday week 53 – Anthony

Happy Halloween weekend everyone! I love this time of year and it always brings back such special memories. I would start thinking about what the kids would be for Halloween in July. One year they were a pair of dice. One year they were a cowboy and a queen. It was always something fun. Then they got older and had opinions and it crushed me but we still managed to have a good time. Sean would go through all their candy like an FBI agent. I think that little ploy was to eat the candy as he searched through it. My parents did all this with my brother and me. Great memories. But for the child in foster care, who makes their costume? Who goes through their candy haul…if trick or treating is even an option for them? Who ensures that they are not traumatized or triggered by something relating to Halloween? How many kids in foster care day after day feel like they have more tricks than treats? Well one number that is no trick is 14! Because we have 14 confirmed children that we have shared over the past year have been matched! That is a HUGE treat! And there’s more to come! If it was one child it would be awesome but 14 and counting is so exciting! Please share Anthony this week and let’s try to ensure that his Halloweens and every holiday here after is filled with warm fuzzy family moments! We can do it with your help! 

Anthony is 14 and loves sports, especially football. He is also tech-savvy and enjoys music and dancing. Although he can be a picky eater, he likes to cook and help out in the kitchen. His favorite food to eat is McDonald’s. We will have to introduce him to Taco Bell! Anthony gets along well with other children if he is in a healthy and supportive environment, and enjoys joking around and conversing with others.  Anthony is a very determined child that is motivated when working towards a goal. He has big dreams for his future, and although he is not sure what he wants to be yet, Anthony can do great things with his perseverance and natural ability to be a leader. Do you have room in your heart for Anthony? Can you help his reality become more treats than tricks? Please contact Heather Pava for more info at [email protected].