Forever Family Friday week 59 – Bentley

Can I please just take a minute of your day and tell you how much I love hearing, receiving, reading and responding to all your comments about or on our Forever Family Friday posts. Some of you share your story about when you were adopted. Some of you share about adopting your children. Many of you share about how you are fostering kids or have fostered them in the past. Each time I read one of these I pause and lift you up in prayer and am so grateful for your story! Many of you say you would like to foster or adopt but cannot due to age or finances or circumstances. I understand. Truly I do! But please remember the main requirement for fostering or adoption is willingness and love. If you have an interest in either I encourage you to get your home study done and contact the amazing people we list on these posts. And check out the resources on our websites to guide you and get you the information you need. Prayerfully consider whether you can open your heart and your home to a child that needs a forever family. The cost to adopt from foster care should cost you almost nothing. Let us know if this is not the case. We will jump in and do what we can to help. And if you have gotten this far in reading my post…thank you!!! I appreciate you more than you know! Now let me introduce you to a young man that needs us. ❤️Could you imagine getting a FAMILY for Christmas!!

Please meet Bentley. He is 9 years old, lives in Florida and is ready to thrive! An active and talented young athlete, Bentley easily picks up new sports and excels in many. He dreams of being a professional basketball player when he grows up, or a police officer. He is also an accomplished artist who will sketch his favorite anime character with ease. He also likes reading graphic novels. This multi-talented third grader admits he learned this year that “being smart is a good thing,” and is enjoying every subject in school, especially math and science, where he wants to “learn more about how the solar system works.”

Bentley needs safe and consistent caregivers who are comfortable with teaching and modeling healthy adult/child and peer relationships so that he can continue to grow his social skills. He is friendly and engages easily with others. He’s got a good sense of humor, and knows how to hold a conversation. Bentley’s proudest moment last year was when he helped out a friend who was being bullied. Can you be Bentley’s forever family? For more info please contact @heartgallerytpa 813-314-2021. And for resources please visit…/