Forever Family Friday – Javari and Javion

Christmas is here! I mean like within hours and as children, and actually adults too, eagerly and excitedly await all the specialness (is that a word?) of the season to come together to celebrate the birth of Christ, I just wanted to again say thank you to each and everyone of you that helped us clear our Christmas wish lists for our #ForeverFamilyFriday foster kids. These kids won’t be surround with family and friends nor will they be eating some fabulous meal that is made with old family recipes. However many of them, because of you, will be opening gifts. These gifts are things they had hoped for and receiving them tells them that they matter and are valuable and worthy. For many foster kids Christmas is a time of confusion, fear and pain. So know that because of you and your generosity, many will have a magical day…as they should. And our prayer for every child will be a forever family this year!! Please allow me to introduce you to two brothers who would want nothing more than parents this Christmas.

Javari is 15 and Javion is 14 and they live in South Carolina. They describe themselves as funny, athletic, intelligent, and respectful. Javion likes action and scary movies and Javari likes them all. Both brothers want a family that has good intentions and good hearts. Wow. That is not a long list. Surely we can help find a family for them with good intentions and good hearts. I know all of you guys have both those characteristics. Your help would be greatly appreciated and Merry Christmas!

For more information please contact Hezekiah at [email protected] or 864-953-9458. OR DM us!