Forever Family Friday – Analea

The journey of many kids in foster care is hard for most of us to really imagine. I know we think we can but the reality is that we have no idea. The trauma, neglect, abuse, poverty and lack of so so many things is a tragedy! If nothing else I pray that each week when you read about these amazing kids that you will develop a sense of love and compassion for those that have not experienced the same security and privileges that you may have. These kids have experienced heartbreak and hardships to no fault of their own. It’s up to us to make the effort to help them find their forever family. We have the opportunity to be the reason these kids smile again. What a beautiful thing to be a part of. Please meet Analea. We have a chance to help her find a family that will provide her with love and a home.

Analea is kind and creative and has a big heart and big dreams! She would love a family that can provide stability and unconditional love in good times and bad. She is an avid reader and wants to author books in her future. Hmmm…Maybe I could ask her to help me write my next book?! Analea creates original jewelry, necklaces and earrings, that she has sold online! Intelligent and diligent, Analea has worked hard to catch up in school, setting goals for herself and meeting them.  Her favorite subjects are English, History and Reading. Analea shows wisdom beyond her years. She has kept a positive outlook on life with her bright, clear perspective; Analea believes everything happens for a reason, and she takes pride in her emotional growth and resilience!

Analea’s friends would describe her as “determined, smart and quiet” but once she opens up, she loves to talk about everything. Analea enjoys all types of music and watching movies. She would also love to travel to China someday because “there’s so much to see there and the culture is cool.” She states that she hopes to “be the best me that I can be.” Can YOU be that family for Analea? Do you know someone who can? Please pray for and share Analea’s information with your friends and family. Please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-314-2021. Or DM us!