Forever Family Friday – Devin

Happy 2023 everyone! The start of a new year seems to always be when we make resolutions and declarations and a to do list and start drinking more water and walking an extra mile or join a health club or something that makes us feel hope and promise of a better us and a better tomorrow! For most kids in the system their list still looks the same. They are longing for security, stability, kindness, love and so much more. And guess what…most of that can be found in a forever family. A forever family offers that hope and promise of new beginnings like birthdays, celebrations, school activities, ball games and family time. Please join me this year in sharing, posting and talking about our kids that we post each Friday. I will be giving a bubble wand each week to someone that reposts our #ForeverFamilyFriday post! That’s how much I believe that you can help us in making a difference in the lives of these kids. We need you. THEY need you! Please allow me to introduce you to one very special young man…Devin.

Devin is 15 and lives in Florida. He is easy going, curious and creative. Japan is interesting to him- the culture, the history and jiu-jitsu, hello @Cannonsmith. One day he would like to be an actor and also play football. Devin is talented at school and loves science. He was most proud to earn an A in math. Great job Devin. His friends call him funny and “a good guy.” All he wants is “a family that is fun.” Until he is comfortable Devin can be shy, but as his caretakers agree, with the right family he is sure to open up. For more information on Devin please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-390-5345. Thanks so much! And Happy New Year! Hopefully a bubble wand will be coming your way soon. 🫧🥳

Kismis Ink Photography