Forever Family Friday – Justice

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone! Ok…Last week we talked about how children in foster care often move around time after time after time. I’m just going to jump right in today because this story makes me so sad. Let me share with you one young man who has lived that reality most of his life. He would love nothing more than a little permanency. He would covet consistency and normalcy. Not to mention love and kindness and nurturing and parenting. This kid deserves it all! And to think we could help make that happen. Please allow me to introduce you to Justice. 

Justice is 15 and lives in Florida. He has a big heart and cares for others. Justice is an easy kid to be around. He is personable and polite. He excels in school and enjoys participating in sports, especially basketball. However he has moved many times, more than he can count. From Indiana to Florida and we don’t even know where else! This breaks my heart and sadly it is true for so many others in the system. Justice has not been in one  “placement” long enough to even join a sports team. That’s crazy. He is hoping one day that he can play on a team. That’s not asking for much. Just to be on a team! Heck…That alone should give you reason to pause and lift this young man up in your thoughts and prayers.

Justice has a bright future ahead and has the potential to achieve great things. He has taken an interest in ROTC and would love a family that shares the same interest or will at least support him in extracurricular activities and hobbies. Next year he’ll be in 10th grade and would like to stay in the same school for high school. The ideal family for Justice will provide love and guidance while allowing him the freedom and independence to chart his own course.

For more info please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa 813-314-2021. Photo by Daniel Wallace