Forever Family Friday – Araya

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone. And Happy Veteran’s Day. Did you know on average, a child in the foster care system moves about 7 times to different homes. SEVEN TIMES! Seven families. Seven homes. Seven sets of rules and routines. Not to mention schools and churches and on and on. “IF” we could find this beautiful seven year old a forever family we could interrupt that cycle of different homes and schools and rules and families! She would no longer hear words like change or temporary or interim. No one wants to be shuffled around. No one wants to be part of a statistic. Please let me introduce you to someone who deserves our undivided attention. She deserves FOREVER! Meet Araya.   

Araya is 7 years old and lives in Tennessee. A “girly girl” Araya loves to wear dresses and play with hair and her Barbies. She enjoys being outdoors, playing in water, and running with the chickens on her foster family’s farm. Araya does great with routines and is constantly learning, watching and observing. She needs a nurturing family that will provide structure, support and advocate for her so she can continue to reach her fullest potential by providing her with lots of opportunities to experience new and different activities. This is what every child deserves. Can you be this family for Araya? Can you share her information with families and friends? For more information, please contact or DM us!