Forever Family Friday – Liam

I can’t believe it’s November. Which means we are all starting to get geared up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s actually one of my favorite months of the year. It’s a month that focuses on giving. It’s a month that people seem to start thinking about others more than themselves in my opinion. My father’s birthday is November 17th so he’s always on my mind during November, and it’s also National Adoption month. National adoption day is November 19th. If you have been following me for a while you know that this month is near and dear to my heart. #ForeverFamilyFriday started as a one month event in which I would share a child every day during November. It has now turned into a weekly event year round! We have shared hundreds of children, many of whom have connected with their forever families. Sadly many have not. BUT – we keep pressing on! I believe awareness, education, and continued discussions are moving the needle to connecting the 425,000+ kids with their forever families. Thank you, thank you, thank you for journeying with us and please keep sharing, posting and talking about these kids! My friend Rob Scheer said it best in a post this week… “I always questioned if I was ready to adopt. Then I realized, no child was ever ready to be an orphan or in foster care.” There have never been truer words. Please meet Liam. He needs us!

Liam is 14 and lives in Arizona. He is helpful and loving and enjoys being outside. His favorite sport is soccer and he enjoys drawing and swimming as well. Something fun Liam would like to do is swim with fish. Lunch and friends are the best part of school for Liam, although he likes math, science, art and ceramics. One day he would like to learn how to build things out of wood and/or metal and eventually have his own business selling his creations.

A family that is loving, caring and patient that can provide structure and one on one attention is ideal for Liam. And also  who is committed to helping him do his best in school. He loves dogs so that would be a bonus! Can you be that family for Liam? For more information please contact Heather at [email protected] or visit their website. Click here to watch a special news story about Liam.