Forever Family Friday – Lilyan

Last week I had the honor of speaking to an organization who is truly making a difference in their community in the Pacific Northwest. Their theme was “Stop for the One.” It so parallels with our saying “Turn Around.” You may see me wearing it on my wrist band daily. It reminds me the difference we can make if we simply pause, turn around, and stop for the one person who may need us. It could be your neighbor, your co-worker, your classmate, someone you pass in the grocery store, the person pumping gas next to you… you just never know what others are dealing with. We have absolutely no idea what anyone is going through on their journey. At the very least a kind word or smile can be uplifting and just the encouragement someone needs. And your kindness just might be what changes the trajectory path of their life! That’s what our Forever Family Friday kids need. Someone to just turn around and stop for them! Please meet Lilyan. She deserves for us all to stop for her!

Lilyan is 16 and lives in Arizona. “Lily” is creative and enjoys many things including drawing, listening to music and playing sports. She can be shy initially but her sincere and witty personality becomes obvious after spending time with her. Lily is very musical and knows songs that are decades older than her. When she is older she dreams about becoming a mom and having a little girl. She longs for a mom herself, wanting a family that is nurturing, caring and who she can rely on. Please help us find that for her!
For more information please contact Heather at [email protected]. Thank you! ❤️