Forever Family Friday week 15 – Lakira

#SuperBowl is always a BIG deal in the Tuohy household. This will be the first game we have missed in years but you guys know Mega-Phone Man was not getting in that crowd. He still has 10 days til his last vaccine. The memories of the games we’ve attended and the excitement of getting ready to watch has me giddy! In this family we pick our team and cheer loudly! Let me tell you, every play is followed by a reaction! I think you guys know that about me! “Run the dang ball” will be said more than once! But, as I sit here and plan for the game I can not get the statistic out of my head posted by @heartgallerytpa (Super Bowl is in Tampa this year for anyone who may not know). I posted the image on my story but repeating – the # of foster children JUST IN FLORIDA, could fill 421 NFL teams. As you watch the game on Sunday I want to ask you to take one moment, in between the commercials, the appetizers, and the fun, to look at how many players make up just 2 football teams. Then multiple that by 419 teams and you have a visual of how many children are in foster care RIGHT NOW in just Florida. That visual should leave a lump in your throat. Hopefully it will encourage you to look back at some of the #ForeverFamilyFriday posts these past few months and repost them on your social media, or share them with those around you. We have to keep talking about the children in foster care! They need us! They need us to get in the game! They need us to cheer loudly for them. Lakira needs us.

Please let me introduce Lakira! She is 16 and lives in Nebraska, however like all of our children we post, she can be adopted into any state! Lakira is a fun loving girl that gets along with almost everyone she meets. She is a rule follower and does very well in school, but her favorite part is interacting with her friends. Lakira is a typical girly-girl who likes to shop and do her hair and nails. Lakira is described as having a care-free spirit. She enjoys drawing, going to the zoo, trying new food and journaling. Lakira looks forward to having a family that will support her as she learns and grows. For more info: Jacey 402-227-1949, [email protected]