Forever Family Friday week 16 – Jonny

February ❤️ The month of love. The month that one usually does something spectacular for someone special in their life. The month one is inundated with hearts and warm fuzzy moments with all the feels. It’s the month we emphasize the importance relationships and caring. It’s the month of giving cards, chocolates, cuddly stuffed animals and flowers that all say how much one cares. If you have someone special to share those Valentine moments with then you are one of the lucky ones. If you have a parent that secretly puts a note in your school lunch that says “Know you are loved today and EVERY day! Happy Valentine’s!” If you have a best friend that gave you a Valentine’s card that said “Thankful for friends like you!” you are one of the lucky ones. Most of you reading this are thinking “What is she talking about?” I’m talking about the norm for many kids in foster care is to NOT experience the warm fuzzy moments on Valentine’s or any other day. Children in foster care we would HOPE have someone they can share love and receive love with. But my guess is that is not the norm. That’s why we need you. We need people to open their hearts and their homes to kids that are deserving and just want to be loved. Can YOU be the special person in one of these kids’ lives? Can YOU be the giver of love TO THEM?

Jonny would make a great Valentine! He is 11 and lives in Tennessee. He loves anything sports, especially basketball and football. He says his teams are like family (I’ve heard that a time or two before! 😊). He is a math and science guy and enjoys spending time with others and is described as sociable and courteous. Having a family means they don’t let you run off by yourself. That you have fun together and eat dinner together. That they talk to you. I’m here to say that is not a long list. Can we please give that to Jonny? Jami Thornsberry Photography For more info: 954.319.0434 [email protected] or