Forever Family Friday week 18 – Jarkies and Marquel

We are not put on this earth for ourselves but are placed here for each other! That statement rings especially true when we think about our siblings. Over 50% of children in foster care have one or more siblings in the system as well. That means statistically 9 of the 18 children we have posted to date has a brother or sister we do not even know about. Super sad! Typically a sibling group is first placed in temporary care. After a few days of being unsettled they are moved again to a long-term placement location. It’s a lot for me to process …much less the kids trying to process it! Sometimes foster parents find it too taxing to take several children so they elect to pick just one. And so the journey begins of siblings being ripped apart. More times than not these siblings have been each other’s security blanket and support system. The only little piece of familiarity and comfort that they know abruptly comes to an end. The siblings are now sad and confused, as to why they can’t be together. And we can’t understand why they are upset. I totally understand! I understand why they lash out and display anything and everything from depression to aggressive behavior. This is a common scenario and one that I would love to not see happen here with these siblings. Please allow me to introduce you to two pretty amazing kids… Jarkies and Marquel! Two sweet brothers ages 10 and 7 from California. Please please help us keep them together!

Jarkies is happy and outgoing. He has a good relationship with peers and is well liked at school. He loves art and can spend a good amount of time just drawing what he envisions in his mind. He also enjoys writing, building with Legos and playing video games. In school he is doing well and his favorite subject is math. Marquel is playful and energetic. He loves to have fun and enjoys spending time with his friends. Swimming, riding his bike and playing video games are favorites. He also likes coloring, drawing and building with Legos. Like his brother, he likes to keep his room tidy. These guys deserve to not only have a family but they deserve to have each other! 

 For more info Please contact Yesenia Garcia at 213-257-7007, [email protected] Photo by I Belong Project