Please meet Kasumy. She is 12 years old and lives in Arizona. Kasumy describes herself as quiet and happy, and as someone who is open to trying new things. She expresses her creativity by beading, painting and doing crafts. She appreciates being included in activities and will gladly help with gardening or cooking and loves to bake banana bread. Her favorite subjects are P.E., art and computer class and she would be thrilled if her new family could teach her Spanish.

Parenting that is straight-forward with strong rules and redirection will be best for Kasumy. She thrives when she receives attention, so her team is looking for a family with no other children or a family with children who are much older than her. Can you be that family for her? Can you teach her Spanish? Can you help her love to read? If you are interested please contact Heather at [email protected]