Forever Family Friday week 21 – Tayiana

UPDATE! Tay has been matched with her forever family!

We are already half way through March, I am trying to wrap my head around that! I feel like I was just vacuuming the confetti off the floor from New Year’s Eve and now I’m pulling out my Easter bunnies. It is a reminder that time stops for no one. That is why when you are a teenager in foster care you feel a deeper sense of urgency to find your forever family, you feel the minimal security you do have slipping away. A mild panic hits many of them. Will they ever be a part of a family? Will they have Christmases and birthdays with people who care about them the rest of their lives? In the majority of states the day you turn 18 you are forced to leave your foster home. You go to sleep one night in a bed in the safety of a foster family, and the next day you’re expected to figure it out on your own. Some literally get kicked to the curb. Which results in this next statistic – 1 in 5 foster kids who age out of the system are homeless. Please continue to journey with us to stop this craziness!

Please meet Tayiana! She is 14 years old and from Georgia. She describes a family as loving, caring and understanding. Family is support. “Tay” enjoys watching TV and she enjoys cooking! She can make pasta for dinner and french fries are her favorite! Something that interests her is watching people do their makeup. One day she would like to be a makeup artist and describes it like a canvas on your face. Or a hairstylist! At school, where she earns good grades and gets along well with the other kids, Tayiana enjoys learning about math and bonding with her friends.

Tayiana is a determined person and can be focused at times. When she wants something she goes for it! I like that! With her forever family she would like to go on summer vacations, travel and spend quality family time. We all deserve our place to belong… our home… our family. We all deserve people support us and love and care for us. Can you be that family for Tayiana? For more information please email Rebecca at [email protected].