Please meet Angelo. He needs love. He needs and open heart and an open home. He needs someone to champion for him and seek out the best for him. Angelo is sweet, lovable and 9 years old from Florida. He is content with quite time, playing on his tablet or reading a book, especially in a cozy corner in his room. He loves to play outside and has an interest in cars. Although Angelo is not able to communicate verbally, he does understand everything around him and is able to communicate in other ways. He is happy to express himself by pointing to specific things he wants and he can let his dislikes be known as well.

The perfect family for Angelo is one who is patient, nurturing and willing to take the necessary steps to learn how to meet his needs and advocate for him and care for him while celebrating his accomplishments along the way. Can that be you? Could your life be the one that gets to be blessed with his sweet self? For more information please contact @HeartGalleryTPA 813-314-2021 Kismis Ink Photography