Forever Family Friday week 23 – Aayalliah

As I was looking over so many beautiful faces this week of foster kids to post and thinking of what to say to you that might give you reason to pause and stop…just for a minute. I wondered if there was a correlation between Easter and foster care that I could share with you. There are 420,000 plus kids in the foster care system because of no fault of their own. They are not able to experience life abundantly. Basic things are hard for them. Milestones are missed. Experiences are not shared. But think about it just for a minute…Easter is a comeback story! It reminds us that God can offer new life when all seems hopeless. There is hope for these foster kids as well. My prayer is that each child has the opportunity to hear about Jesus and the life He has for them…for them to know there is hope. Their stories are not over! We need you to be a part of their journey. We need you to talk about them and share their names with others. That is MY Easter prayer and wish!

Please Meet Aayalliah! She is 14 and from Mississippi. She describes herself as pretty, smart, funny, and talkative. She enjoys riding her bike, coloring and playing with dogs. She would like to be a veterinarian and learn more about dogs. When she grows up she would like to join the Army because she is strong and thinks the structure and discipline of the Army would be good for her. Germany in the wintertime is her dream destination because she likes snow and cold weather. Aayalliah said family means to her “a home you stay in for good…..they don’t take things from you…where there is joy and peace.” She wants to be part of a family with a “positive vibe” who all enjoy being with one another.

I know many of you would fit the description of “positive vibe” with all our interactions here on instagram! Will you help be part of the solution? Do you know someone who can help Aayalliah rewrite her story? Please call 601-359-4133 or email [email protected]. Photography by: Charlie Lum

Watch this video and see how she lights up from the inside out!