Forever Family Friday week 27 – Nikira and Nacari

Wow! Can you believe today is the last day of April and tomorrow is May 1st. Another month gone. Another season cranking up. May is a month packed with graduations, graduation activities, celebrations, spring sports, and end of the school year activities. Parents are excited and cheering their kids on. They’re celebrating their successes and planning the next leg of their journeys whether it’s getting ready for college or new career. Kids in foster care long for a family to share memorable moments and milestones. They would love to have a warm fuzzy family helping them plan for graduation or trying to figure out which college visits to take or what to wear to a senior celebration. We wish every foster child had a loving parent cheering at their games or snapping pictures as they walked across the stage at graduation. We wish they just had what other kids their age have. We need everyone reading this to continue the course and share, like, repost and discuss! Please! You don’t know how valuable you are to the success of these kids. Let’s cheer them on together. Let’s make sure they know they are loved and valuable!

Please meet Nikira and Nacari from MA. They are 13 & 14 years old. Nikiri is likable and friendly who gets along well with both adults and her peers. Her favorite activities include yoga, cooking, singing, dancing, and painting. She also enjoys going to church and being a part of her Girl Scout troop. When she grows up, she would like to be a teacher. Nikira is on the Autism Spectrum and her teachers describe her as intelligent, talkative, and able to follow directions and form relationships with others.

Nacari describes himself as shy, quiet, likable and well behaved. Others describe him as sweet, smart and loving. His favorite activities include playing basketball & video games. Nacari is on the Autism Spectrum but is quite social and is able to interact with his peers. Nacari does well in class with extra support and loves going to school. They will do best in a loving but strong family that is able to provide the siblings with support and set appropriate limits and boundaries! For more info Emily [email protected]