Forever Family Friday week 28 – Della

Happy Mother’s Day weekend! This weekend we will celebrate our moms and all the special ladies in our lives. It may be a sister, a friend, an aunt, a teacher, a neighbor but one thing for sure is it does NOT have to be the woman who birthed us. If we are fortunate enough to have a mom that we have/had a great relationship with… we are very lucky. There are many that don’t. Some of us have strained relationships. And some still have no relationship at all. And for the children in foster care, they fall into that last category. No mom. We pray everyday that each child in foster care has a special someone in their life – a case worker, a foster mom, a teacher. Someone. My desire is that every child have someone they can call mom! WE can all help! You can help! Please help us find Della her forever mom…her forever family! Pray for Della. Repost Della. Talk about Della. You never know who might see your post and be just the perfect family for her.

Della is a spunky, unique, and funny 15 year old young lady from Tennessee. She loves to play basketball and her ideal family would support her by coming to her games. And she loves TACOS! She is described as a great singer and athlete. Della loves being around others and enjoys meeting new people, though she may appear shy at first while getting to know them. She gets along well with others. Della would do well with a family that gets excited about celebrating holidays and creating new traditions. Family to Della means people who will “take care of you, help you and listen.” Y’all this is not a tall order! Della thrives in environments with structure/routines, clear and simple rules, chores, and reasonable expectations. She would be a wonderful addition to a family willing to guide her to adulthood with love and care. Let’s make this a memorable Mother’s Day for Della! For more info call 954-319-0434 or go to [email protected] or TNKidsBelong.orgJami Thornsberry Photography

Check out Della’s video to learn even more!