Forever Family Friday week 55 – David

We just celebrated Veterans Day and I for one am so thankful for the men and women who serve our country. Thank you Veterans! Our veterans protect us and make us feel safe. We can rest our head on our pillows at night feeling secure because of veterans. We don’t have to watch our back or be fearful. And…that is the job of parents, right? Of family. But the kids we have been sharing each week do not have that security or feeling of safety. On any given day, nearly half a million children are in foster care. They don’t have a forever mom or dad to protect them and make them feel safe. As a community we have the potential to change that. Please meet David. He longs for a family.

David is 13 and lives in Tennessee. When asked what the word family means to him he said “always there…I would love to have someone to be with me because I don’t have that right now.” It is our prayer that his forever family finds him! When David grows up he wants to be a police officer because they save lives! He is generally happy-go lucky and enjoys the outdoors, especially riding his bike and jumping in puddles. He is not a big sports fan but will shoot the basketball if he is playing with others. David loves playing with remote control cars and can be very creative when needed. He once was playing a board game with his case manager and it was missing some parts, so David made up rules for the game so they could continue playing! David can be quiet but does warm up to people fairly quickly. He needs a home with stability to assist him in meeting his life goals.​ Don’t we all?! David needs you to talk about him this week. He needs you to like this post. He needs you to please repost this or tag one person and ask them to repost. It all makes a difference. For more information on David please contact 954-319-0434 or [email protected].

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