It’s here!!! No, not Thanksgiving or Christmas! Saturday is National Adoption Day! Woooo Whooo!! I know most of you are starting to prepare to spend time with family and friends for this upcoming holiday season and tomorrow will be the first day that many kids that have been in the system will get to do the same thing with their new “Forever Families.” It will be official. That’s just so exciting to me. And in the spirit of National Adoption Day and also the kicking off of the giving season… we are going to be doing several things that I hope you will be involved with. We have an opportunity to give back. We have an opportunity to provide Christmas and deliver Merry and Bright. We have the opportunity to be the reason these kids smile. If you’ve been journeying along with me the past year…you know my heart goes out to kids who don’t have love or families or opportunities or traditions. Be on the look out Saturday for giveaways and for a wish list that will be game changers to many. As I said…Tomorrow is National Adoption Day but first let’s meet Omyriah. She needs us! 

Omyriah is 17 and lives in South Carolina. She describes herself as funny, smart and helpful. She enjoys new opportunities and is looking forward to a career in nursing. Biology is a favorite subject and her favorite book is “The Coldest Winter Ever.” In her spare time, Omyriah enjoys playing football and watching TV. She hopes to find a nice home with younger siblings and parents who can assist in fulfilling her goals. Thank you for reading this and for having a heart to make a difference! For more information on Omyriah please contact Shannon at (843) 519-0097 or [email protected] Photo by Lindsay Haselden