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Forever Family Friday – Devin

Happy 2023 everyone! The start of a new year seems to always be when we make resolutions and declarations and a to do list and start drinking more water and walking an extra mile or join a health club or something that makes us feel hope and promise of a better us and a better tomorrow! For most kids in the system their list still looks the same. They are longing for security, stability, kindness, love and so much more. And guess what…most of that can be found in a forever family. A forever family offers that hope and promise of new beginnings like birthdays, celebrations, school activities, ball games and family time. Please join me this year in sharing, posting and talking about our kids that we post each Friday. I will be giving a bubble wand each week to someone that reposts our #ForeverFamilyFriday post! That’s how much I believe that you can help us in making a difference in the lives of these kids. We need you. THEY need you! Please allow me to introduce you to one very special young man…Devin.

Devin is 15 and lives in Florida. He is easy going, curious and creative. Japan is interesting to him- the culture, the history and jiu-jitsu, hello @Cannonsmith. One day he would like to be an actor and also play football. Devin is talented at school and loves science. He was most proud to earn an A in math. Great job Devin. His friends call him funny and “a good guy.” All he wants is “a family that is fun.” Until he is comfortable Devin can be shy, but as his caretakers agree, with the right family he is sure to open up. For more information on Devin please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-390-5345. Thanks so much! And Happy New Year! Hopefully a bubble wand will be coming your way soon. 🫧🥳

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Forever Family Friday – Jalexus and Jasmine

Our last #ForeverFamilyFriday post of 2022! I can’t believe we are turning the page again on the calendar. That’s just crazy. Fifty-two plus kids have been shared this year. Some have found their forever families…others are closer to finding theirs. Some have been placed in homes, then moved to other homes and then moved to a third home. Many are still patiently waiting. Sadly that is the state of the system and the process. It’s got many flaws…BUT it’s what we have to work with. We celebrate the kids that ARE having their first Christmas with their new mom/dad/grandparents/siblings. We are so happy for them. We will take a few deep cleansing breaths and keep pressing on and keep sharing and keep on asking for you to do the same. We will keep fighting and keep believing that where we start is NOT where we finish. Together we can do this! Please let me introduce you to 2 ladies that would love their forever family in 2023.

Jalexus and Jasmine live in Tennessee. Jalexus is 15 and is a creative and active young lady. She likes jumping on the trampoline, swimming, singing and riding bikes in addition to doing hair and makeup. Volleyball, soccer and kickball are her favorite sports. Jalexus is very personable with a big sense of humor. She is smart in math, and likes games such as Connect 4 and Monopoly.

Jasmine is 13 and is very considerate. She will ask you about your day and tends to put others before herself. She likes to be with others and play games such as UNO and Monopoly. Jasmine likes to see new things and would love a family that travels. When she grows up she would like to help kids in some capacity.

Both girls would love a family that is active, loving and outgoing. When asked what a family means to them they said “getting to know you….and being grateful that they want you.” Oh my. Every child deserves to be wanted! Every child deserves to be known, and seen, and heard and loved. Let’s finish off 2022 strong by sharing, liking, and talking about these girls and do all that we can to connect them with their forever family! Thank you guys and Happy New Year! Many blessings to you and your family! For more information please contact AmericasKidsBelong.Org or DM us!

Forever Family Friday – Javari and Javion

Christmas is here! I mean like within hours and as children, and actually adults too, eagerly and excitedly await all the specialness (is that a word?) of the season to come together to celebrate the birth of Christ, I just wanted to again say thank you to each and everyone of you that helped us clear our Christmas wish lists for our #ForeverFamilyFriday foster kids. These kids won’t be surround with family and friends nor will they be eating some fabulous meal that is made with old family recipes. However many of them, because of you, will be opening gifts. These gifts are things they had hoped for and receiving them tells them that they matter and are valuable and worthy. For many foster kids Christmas is a time of confusion, fear and pain. So know that because of you and your generosity, many will have a magical day…as they should. And our prayer for every child will be a forever family this year!! Please allow me to introduce you to two brothers who would want nothing more than parents this Christmas.

Javari is 15 and Javion is 14 and they live in South Carolina. They describe themselves as funny, athletic, intelligent, and respectful. Javion likes action and scary movies and Javari likes them all. Both brothers want a family that has good intentions and good hearts. Wow. That is not a long list. Surely we can help find a family for them with good intentions and good hearts. I know all of you guys have both those characteristics. Your help would be greatly appreciated and Merry Christmas!

For more information please contact Hezekiah at [email protected]ov or 864-953-9458. OR DM us!

Forever Family Friday – Amara

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday Christmas edition! WOW! The support you have shown over the year commenting, posting, sharing and praying for these kids has been huge. And now I’m asking one more thing….to help make their Christmas a little brighter. We have dozens of kids on our website with wish lists. Kids who will not get any other gifts. Socks and hoodies. Candy. Wow. Older kids asking for towels and kitchen appliances. Basics. Of course some want headphones, air pods and technology and you’ll see that on their lists too. We can all do something. So whether its clearing an entire list or purchasing a $10 item I hope you’ll join us! But most of all pray. That they feel valued. And loved. And that they one day have their forever family. Please meet Amara.

Amara is 12 and lives in Alabama. You may remember Theodore and Keegan who we shared a few weeks ago. Now I would like you to meet their sister. She is an outgoing, talkative and extremely intelligent girl with a great personality. She loves to read, sing, play the violin and the piano. She enjoys swimming, art, walks and playing with animals. She is very mature for her age and loves all things “science” and would like to be a scientist when she grows up….or a singer, or a nurse! One day she would like to travel to Hawaii as she loves the beach and the water. When asked what she would like for a gift, she said “A family. Any kind of family. I’m ready to find a home.”

Amara will do best with a mother who is very patient and can provide her with unconditional love and one on one attention. Can you be that person for Amara? Please contact [email protected] for more information. Thank you!


Forever Family Friday – Johnny

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You all have been incredibly generous and amazing in purchasing gifts for the foster kids wish lists that we have shared. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please know that you have made a difference in the lives of deserving kids this Christmas season. We still have a few more items that are available to purchase if you want to join the giving band wagon. Some of you have shared with me that a gift your ordered may not arrive on time. The agencies are aware. They know Santa may be a few days late with some items this year. Even Santa has to deal with supply chain shortages 😉Everyone is doing the best that they can and even if it arrives late it will still be enjoyed! These kids are asking for t-shirts and socks and basic essentials that most of us take for granted. We asked them to shoot for the moon on their list. So there are some items that are just things that they are “wishing” for! However…The best gift of all for these kids would be a family. Please keep praying, sharing and posting them. And hopefully that Christmas Miracle will come true for some! Now please allow me to introduce you to Johnny.

Johnny is 12 years old and lives in Arizona. But…remember all children we share can be adopted outside of their home state. Johnny enjoys basketball and football – especially the Golden State Warriors. His favorite players are Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Johnny likes school and is very sociable. He likes PE and playing sports with his friends, and math is his favorite subject. In the next year he would like to join a basketball or football team.

The ideal family for Johnny would be loving, patient, structured and active! Johnny strongly desires a family willing to go out and do fun things together, such as bowling and going to the movies, or taking him to the arcade. He needs consistency and would thrive in a family that can show him that they are in it for the long haul, and are also willing to maintain connections to his sister.

For more information please contact Heather at [email protected]

Forever Family Friday – Haley

Happy Forever Family Friday y’all! Ok… Listen to me for just a minute. I know everyone is getting all jacked up about Christmas and you are decking the halls and shopping and wrapping presents and making your list and checking it twice. I get it. I’m right there with you And my heart is so full as I think of the birth of Christ and the celebration of that miraculous night. We are all so focused on so many things this time of the year that I’m concerned that we might not pause just a moment to talk about and share this amazing young lady. Please meet Haley, who deserves our undivided attention.

Haley is 14 and lives in Florida and has a heart of gold! She is generally a happy girl who has a bubbly personality. She is energetic, fun loving, and always tries to make everyone around her happy. Haley is an avid soccer player, and is happiest when she’s kicking the ball around, perfecting her shots or her footwork. She is an all around active kid, and also loves swimming. Her perfect day would be “going to the beach or playing dodgeball all day.” She often thinks about others before herself, buying presents for her brothers with her allowance. Haley wants to be a teacher when she grows up and does great with younger children. Haley would like a family that will love her, support her, and cheer her on in life. Can you take just a minute out of your busy Christmas schedule and share this young lady on your social media? Can you be that forever family for Haley? Do you know someone that could be her family? Your help is greatly appreciated! Many blessings to you and your family this Christmas season! ✝️❤️💚

For more info please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-314-2021. Samantha Lowe Photo


Forever Family Friday – Keegan and Theodore

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And as of today we are officially into the holiday season! Not sure how we got here so quickly but we did and as November comes to a close, so does National Adoption Month. For us however, we will keep on keeping on and will continue each Friday highlighting, recognizing and shouting from the roof tops for the 425,000+ kids “in the system”. It is not just one month for us. We will continue to share the kids year round. I hope you’ll continue to journey with us. I would be so grateful if you would ask others to journey with us. These kids need us. They need just one post a week on your social media. Heck, I’ll settle for one every other week. They need just a little of your time each week. Together we have the potential to help make a difference in their lives. You don’t know when a seed has been planted or a prayer will be answered. We just can’t give up on these kids.

The boys we’re sharing with you today are 8 and 10 years old and thankfully have each other. Their family structure and home and school may be changing and other unknowns could be coming but keeping them together is a priority. Often siblings are split up in the system and that’s heartbreaking. Let’s find them their forever family and keep them together! What an amazing Christmas gift that would be.

Keegan and Theodore live in Alabama and they both love spending time outdoors. Keegan is 10 and while he can be shy around strangers, once he is comfortable he will engage in conversation. He loves to help around the house and play video games! Theodore is 8 and he has a love for all things outdoors. He especially loves fishing and working in the garden. These brothers need a family who is able to provide them patience, understanding, and unconditional love. Please share these boys. Please pray for them! Thank you! Please contact [email protected] and [email protected] Photo by Grace Photography. Click here to learn more and see their video.

Forever Family Friday – Justice

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone! Ok…Last week we talked about how children in foster care often move around time after time after time. I’m just going to jump right in today because this story makes me so sad. Let me share with you one young man who has lived that reality most of his life. He would love nothing more than a little permanency. He would covet consistency and normalcy. Not to mention love and kindness and nurturing and parenting. This kid deserves it all! And to think we could help make that happen. Please allow me to introduce you to Justice. 

Justice is 15 and lives in Florida. He has a big heart and cares for others. Justice is an easy kid to be around. He is personable and polite. He excels in school and enjoys participating in sports, especially basketball. However he has moved many times, more than he can count. From Indiana to Florida and we don’t even know where else! This breaks my heart and sadly it is true for so many others in the system. Justice has not been in one  “placement” long enough to even join a sports team. That’s crazy. He is hoping one day that he can play on a team. That’s not asking for much. Just to be on a team! Heck…That alone should give you reason to pause and lift this young man up in your thoughts and prayers.

Justice has a bright future ahead and has the potential to achieve great things. He has taken an interest in ROTC and would love a family that shares the same interest or will at least support him in extracurricular activities and hobbies. Next year he’ll be in 10th grade and would like to stay in the same school for high school. The ideal family for Justice will provide love and guidance while allowing him the freedom and independence to chart his own course.

For more info please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa 813-314-2021. Photo by Daniel Wallace


Forever Family Friday – Araya

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone. And Happy Veteran’s Day. Did you know on average, a child in the foster care system moves about 7 times to different homes. SEVEN TIMES! Seven families. Seven homes. Seven sets of rules and routines. Not to mention schools and churches and on and on. “IF” we could find this beautiful seven year old a forever family we could interrupt that cycle of different homes and schools and rules and families! She would no longer hear words like change or temporary or interim. No one wants to be shuffled around. No one wants to be part of a statistic. Please let me introduce you to someone who deserves our undivided attention. She deserves FOREVER! Meet Araya.   

Araya is 7 years old and lives in Tennessee. A “girly girl” Araya loves to wear dresses and play with hair and her Barbies. She enjoys being outdoors, playing in water, and running with the chickens on her foster family’s farm. Araya does great with routines and is constantly learning, watching and observing. She needs a nurturing family that will provide structure, support and advocate for her so she can continue to reach her fullest potential by providing her with lots of opportunities to experience new and different activities. This is what every child deserves. Can you be this family for Araya? Can you share her information with families and friends? For more information, please contact or DM us!


Forever Family Friday – Liam

I can’t believe it’s November. Which means we are all starting to get geared up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s actually one of my favorite months of the year. It’s a month that focuses on giving. It’s a month that people seem to start thinking about others more than themselves in my opinion. My father’s birthday is November 17th so he’s always on my mind during November, and it’s also National Adoption month. National adoption day is November 19th. If you have been following me for a while you know that this month is near and dear to my heart. #ForeverFamilyFriday started as a one month event in which I would share a child every day during November. It has now turned into a weekly event year round! We have shared hundreds of children, many of whom have connected with their forever families. Sadly many have not. BUT – we keep pressing on! I believe awareness, education, and continued discussions are moving the needle to connecting the 425,000+ kids with their forever families. Thank you, thank you, thank you for journeying with us and please keep sharing, posting and talking about these kids! My friend Rob Scheer said it best in a post this week… “I always questioned if I was ready to adopt. Then I realized, no child was ever ready to be an orphan or in foster care.” There have never been truer words. Please meet Liam. He needs us!

Liam is 14 and lives in Arizona. He is helpful and loving and enjoys being outside. His favorite sport is soccer and he enjoys drawing and swimming as well. Something fun Liam would like to do is swim with fish. Lunch and friends are the best part of school for Liam, although he likes math, science, art and ceramics. One day he would like to learn how to build things out of wood and/or metal and eventually have his own business selling his creations.

A family that is loving, caring and patient that can provide structure and one on one attention is ideal for Liam. And also  who is committed to helping him do his best in school. He loves dogs so that would be a bonus! Can you be that family for Liam? For more information please contact Heather at [email protected] or visit their website. Click here to watch a special news story about Liam.