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Forever Family Friday – Corin and Chyna

Happy March y’all! I do love when March rolls around because it means spring is cranking up. I always get a sense of new beginnings and hope. I get so excited when those first daffodils pop up in the ground and the trees start budding. I get a feeling of encouragement and strength like if they can overcome winter…so can I. It’s like the new and the fresh make me aspire to be the best I can be. Here’s two great kids that need us to offer them all of this and more. They need to be encouraged and loved. They need to be nurtured and cared for. Please allow me to introduce you to Corin and Chyna who are definitely worth every ounce of love and all the encouragement we have in us! 


Corin is 12 years old and Chyna is 10 years old and they live in Tennessee. They love being together and make each other laugh more than anything! Corin is an intelligent young man who loves to play and watch sports, especially football. He also loves being outdoors, playing with animals, video games and drawing. Corin loves cheeseburgers and desserts.


Chyna is a very energetic young lady who loves girly things of all sorts! Me too! She loves dressing up, putting on lip gloss and going on outings. Chyna also likes to play sports, especially soccer. She loves to dance and read…and dogs! She also likes to spend time with her brother. This sweet sibling set says “Belonging means you don’t have to be related to be family.”  “Family means love.” They deserve love. Can you help us find their forever family? Can you like this post? Can you talk about them to your friends and family? Your help could be a game changer. For more information please contact or DM us!


Click the link to hear the kind words they have to say about each other.


Forever Family Friday – Lilyan

Last week I had the honor of speaking to an organization who is truly making a difference in their community in the Pacific Northwest. Their theme was “Stop for the One.” It so parallels with our saying “Turn Around.” You may see me wearing it on my wrist band daily. It reminds me the difference we can make if we simply pause, turn around, and stop for the one person who may need us. It could be your neighbor, your co-worker, your classmate, someone you pass in the grocery store, the person pumping gas next to you… you just never know what others are dealing with. We have absolutely no idea what anyone is going through on their journey. At the very least a kind word or smile can be uplifting and just the encouragement someone needs. And your kindness just might be what changes the trajectory path of their life! That’s what our Forever Family Friday kids need. Someone to just turn around and stop for them! Please meet Lilyan. She deserves for us all to stop for her!

Lilyan is 16 and lives in Arizona. “Lily” is creative and enjoys many things including drawing, listening to music and playing sports. She can be shy initially but her sincere and witty personality becomes obvious after spending time with her. Lily is very musical and knows songs that are decades older than her. When she is older she dreams about becoming a mom and having a little girl. She longs for a mom herself, wanting a family that is nurturing, caring and who she can rely on. Please help us find that for her!
For more information please contact Heather at [email protected]. Thank you! ❤️

Forever Family Friday – Altravius

February is the month of hearts and love. This week we celebrated Valentine’s Day and I’m so thankful for the people in my life that I love and who love me. The calls, texts, flowers, cards…all made me feel so special and that’s one of the things I hope and pray for is that every kid in the foster care system will be truly loved one day and that they will have the security of a forever family. They will feel special. Everyone deserves to be loved. It’s hard to believe many of these kids go their whole life and have never been told I love you. We hear these stories all the time. It just breaks my heart. Let’s try to right this wrong! Starting right now! Please meet a young gentleman who deserves and wants love!

Altravius is 16 years old and lives in Georgia. He enjoys reading, writing and listening to jazz music. He is sweet, helpful, talkative and describes himself as funny and likes to laugh a lot. He always has a smile on his face. Altravius likes to play football, basketball, and video games. Family to him is an “actual home where he feels safe and comfortable where someone checks on him twice a day”. Wow. He needs a loving family who will give him the attention, support, encouragement, structure and nurturing environment he will need to continue to thrive. His siblings have been planned for separately and he would like to maintain the relationship with them. ❤️
For more info: [email protected]

Forever Family Friday – Kristianna and Tayshawn

Happy Super Bowl weekend y’all! Are you interested in the game? Are you cheering for the Chiefs or the Eagles or just watching the commercials? Regardless there is an unbelievable amount of energy and excitement surrounding the event. We landed in Scottsdale earlier today and it’s lit! The preparation and planning and time that goes into getting to this point is beyond what you can imagine. The amount of practices, drills, workouts, meal requirements and the many many other things necessary to get to the Super Bowl is crazy. It’s a journey! There are proud parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, high school coaches, college coaches and trainers flooding to Arizona to support and celebrate their athlete. The player’s hometowns rally around them and follow every step of this moment. You know I pray that each child we share has a community of people cheering them on. People helping them achieve their goals and champion for them along the way. Communities that support them and believe in them. Please allow me to introduce you to this amazing sibling duo that deserve it all and we have the ability to try and make it happen!

Kristanna and Tayshawn are both 15 years old and love to play basketball, laugh and have fun! Kristianna wants a family that is affectionate and will pay close attention to the little details about her that no one else does. She desires unconditional love. She wants to be a part of a big family that cares about one another more than themselves. Tayshawn wants to be a part of a family who loves him and encourages him to make good choices daily and to succeed in his goals. He is very smart and cares a lot about school. Drawing, playing the drums and singing are some of his favorite things. He needs a family that is going to love him unconditionally and stick with him through any trial and tribulation.  Every child does. Every child deserves unconditional love. Every child deserves people cheering for them to win! ❤️ Please contact [email protected] Katie & Cindy photography

Forever Family Friday -Honest

Happy Forever Family Friday everyone. I am privileged that many of you share your stories with me about your journey in the foster care / adoption world. Some stories are about being foster parents. Some are from individuals that were in the foster care system and what they are now doing and their struggles and their joys…some are people’s problems with “the system” when trying to adopt…some are wanting more information on how to get started in becoming a foster parent or issues with fostering to adopt. I could go on and on. I read each communication. Sometimes there are tears streaming down my face and sometimes I’m angry and sometimes I’m overcome with joy and gratitude. The constant thought I always have is how has this happened to all the amazing, valuable kids…Bless their hearts…ITS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE LIKE THIS! It’s just not. And I love that all of you who are sharing with me have a beautiful heart to make a difference. You too yearn for kids to have forever families and it brings me so much joy. For those with questions – I wish I knew the answers…we do not pretend to be all knowing. But what we can do is try our best to point you to resources and people who hopefully could help! Please check out our foundation’s website for more information on how to get in the game. Every state has children in need. Every state has some need you can fulfill – supplying birthday gifts or items to help with a birthday, mentoring one on one, donating to a photo shoot (for kids that you see each week), praying for the kids, foster parents, case worker and all involved and so much more…because it’s not supposed to be this way! Please allow me to introduce you to Honest. I love that name! She needs our help! 

Honest is 13 and lives in Florida. She is a special girl who is loving, kind and above all else cares deeply about people. She can be shy at first but quickly opens up and reveals her sense of humor. She loves getting her hair done and one day dreams of being a cosmetologist. In school Honest likes science the most, and of course lunch time. She has learned that many of her teachers and faculty really care about her. Honest has a strong faith and has relied heavily on God to get her through the difficult times she has faced in her young life. She wants more than anything someone who will accept her for her. Can you be that family for her? Please talk about Honest this week with one person. For more information on Honest please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-390-5345. Thank you! ❤️

Forever Family Friday -James

We’re inching so close to the end of January that it actually startling. John F. Kennedy had a quote that I had to read a couple of times but it really resonated after I finally processed it. He said, “We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.” I agree. You can’t just sit back and chill. You have to get in the game. Are we being intentional or are we just winging it? Are we flying by the seat of our pants or do we get up each morning with the mindset that I have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life? At my age I can tell you if we are not mindful of our time it will fly by and next thing you know we are nowhere different than where we were a year ago. I hope that Forever Family Friday will be part of your time commitment…part of your intentionality. Thank you for keeping up with us and sharing these kids who are so near and dear to my heart. Thank you for sharing, reposting, liking and praying for these kids. Some of you have bubblewands headed your way for reposting! Now…let me introduce you to James!

James is 14 and lives in Tennessee. He likes video games, basketball and riding bikes. His favorite super hero is Super Man and his favorite dog is a German shepherd because they can protect. My father loved German Shepherds. And I love the fact that the person he admires is Jesus! ME TOO!! He enjoys family traditions such as spending time together during the holidays. If he could have any wish, he would “wish to get a family.”

To James a family means to be loved and cared for. Can you love and care for James?? You help would be greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful weekend!

For more information on James please contact or dm us! ❤️


Forever Family Friday – Alex

This week I was reminded in a very real and startling way how fragile and fleeting life is. A family friend was involved in an accident and in an instant the worlds of many were changed forever. Not one single solitary person in this world knows what tomorrow will bring. We don’t know what next week, or next month or next year will bring. We have only right now. The present. So if that’s what we know for sure, and believe in our heart, why would we not want to make a difference the best we can? We are not put on this earth to be only consumers. We need to focus on not being self centered and selfish. We need to concentrate on being givers. We should strive to be difference makers. I’ve said this before but we have the ability to change the trajectory of someone’s life. My friend that tragically passed away this week said about life, “I don’t want to just start life fast…I want to finish strong.” Finishing strong is doing all we can to help these kids find #ForeverFamilies! Here is a young man whose clock is ticking on him aging out of the system. We need to do all that we can to help him. Please join me in praying for and searching for a forever family for Alex.

Alex is 17 years old and lives in Arizona. He is funny, sarcastic and entertaining. He enjoys basketball, especially the Golden State Warriors. He is caring towards others and has a genuine spirit. He is excited about his future and hopefully will attend a trade school upon graduation. The ideal family for Alex would be one who is structured, kind and disciplined. He needs the love and support of a nurturing family that will support his needs and help him on his way toward becoming a successful young adult.

For more information, reach out to Heather Pava at [email protected]


Forever Family Friday – Ja’Gracia

This week as I was having some medical procedures done I sat staring at the face of the beautiful young lady that I’m posting today. I had lots of time in waiting rooms and as I sat I would stare into her eyes and wonder what doctors check ups she had as a child and who took her to them? I suddenly had so many memories of the times with my kids and all the appointments they have been to over the years. And all the follow up required. And the scheduling. And keeping the records straight. And what physical for what sports team was due when. You guys know exactly what I’m talking about. For most of our Forever Family Friday kids, I’m betting they have many gaps and holes in their records. Foster parents, agencies and schools try to their very best to keep it together. But it’s hard and many times things fall through the cracks. To the fault of no one and everyone the consistency is typically not there. The physicals aren’t done and the forms aren’t filled out. I know many of the foster kids we have been involved with over the years have little to no medical records or history. It’s heartbreaking. These kids deserve better! They need us to step up and do our best to provide them with not only consistency, but with a family that can provide it. Please allow me to introduce you to Ja’Gracia.

Ja’Gracia is 16 and lives in Alabama. She has a great sense of humor and her favorite subject in school is reading. Getting her hair done and going out to eat are activities she enjoys as well- ME TOO!! When she grows up she wants to be a cosmetologist as she loves to do hair AND wants to be financially independent. Love that entrepreneurial spirit! Can you be the family to help Ja’Gracia reach her goals? Can you provide consistency in her life? Please contact Meredith at [email protected] for more information. Thank you!!

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Forever Family Friday – Devin

Happy 2023 everyone! The start of a new year seems to always be when we make resolutions and declarations and a to do list and start drinking more water and walking an extra mile or join a health club or something that makes us feel hope and promise of a better us and a better tomorrow! For most kids in the system their list still looks the same. They are longing for security, stability, kindness, love and so much more. And guess what…most of that can be found in a forever family. A forever family offers that hope and promise of new beginnings like birthdays, celebrations, school activities, ball games and family time. Please join me this year in sharing, posting and talking about our kids that we post each Friday. I will be giving a bubble wand each week to someone that reposts our #ForeverFamilyFriday post! That’s how much I believe that you can help us in making a difference in the lives of these kids. We need you. THEY need you! Please allow me to introduce you to one very special young man…Devin.

Devin is 15 and lives in Florida. He is easy going, curious and creative. Japan is interesting to him- the culture, the history and jiu-jitsu, hello @Cannonsmith. One day he would like to be an actor and also play football. Devin is talented at school and loves science. He was most proud to earn an A in math. Great job Devin. His friends call him funny and “a good guy.” All he wants is “a family that is fun.” Until he is comfortable Devin can be shy, but as his caretakers agree, with the right family he is sure to open up. For more information on Devin please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-390-5345. Thanks so much! And Happy New Year! Hopefully a bubble wand will be coming your way soon. 🫧🥳

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Forever Family Friday – Jalexus and Jasmine

Our last #ForeverFamilyFriday post of 2022! I can’t believe we are turning the page again on the calendar. That’s just crazy. Fifty-two plus kids have been shared this year. Some have found their forever families…others are closer to finding theirs. Some have been placed in homes, then moved to other homes and then moved to a third home. Many are still patiently waiting. Sadly that is the state of the system and the process. It’s got many flaws…BUT it’s what we have to work with. We celebrate the kids that ARE having their first Christmas with their new mom/dad/grandparents/siblings. We are so happy for them. We will take a few deep cleansing breaths and keep pressing on and keep sharing and keep on asking for you to do the same. We will keep fighting and keep believing that where we start is NOT where we finish. Together we can do this! Please let me introduce you to 2 ladies that would love their forever family in 2023.

Jalexus and Jasmine live in Tennessee. Jalexus is 15 and is a creative and active young lady. She likes jumping on the trampoline, swimming, singing and riding bikes in addition to doing hair and makeup. Volleyball, soccer and kickball are her favorite sports. Jalexus is very personable with a big sense of humor. She is smart in math, and likes games such as Connect 4 and Monopoly.

Jasmine is 13 and is very considerate. She will ask you about your day and tends to put others before herself. She likes to be with others and play games such as UNO and Monopoly. Jasmine likes to see new things and would love a family that travels. When she grows up she would like to help kids in some capacity.

Both girls would love a family that is active, loving and outgoing. When asked what a family means to them they said “getting to know you….and being grateful that they want you.” Oh my. Every child deserves to be wanted! Every child deserves to be known, and seen, and heard and loved. Let’s finish off 2022 strong by sharing, liking, and talking about these girls and do all that we can to connect them with their forever family! Thank you guys and Happy New Year! Many blessings to you and your family! For more information please contact AmericasKidsBelong.Org or DM us!